Diversity and Inclusion for Leaders: Making a difference with The Diversity Headhunter

Be prepared for every organisational landmine and PR trap by becoming more trusted – and trusting yourself to lead in diversity and inclusion. This insightful and action-oriented book from the Diversity Headhunter is everything you need to understand, master and profit from diversity and inclusion. Raj Tulsiani distils his experience of placing diverse people in leading roles and guides you through the maze of terminology, techniques and trends which shape the diversity landscape in the 21st century. Packed with original perspectives from Raj and many of the UK’s most distinguished and controversial advocates, this book will boost your diversity confidence by showing you how to:

  • Turn brand pressure into brand opportunity
  • Recognise and manage negativity through the prism of data,
  • Empathy and authenticity
  • Design short term wins that build advocacy for longer term strategies
  • Raise your organisation’s capability, credibility and cognitive
  • Diversity quotient
  • Tackle emerging issues before they become major challenges
  • Build trust in your leadership and your organisation’s promises